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To be prepared for any dungeon need to survive in the jungle with a knife
Before you kill the mob you must adjust the CHI
A true ninja kill the mob with empty hands
Archeage on Steam again !!
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We have changed the player of the week system a little bit, but the reward stays the same. We are assigning two players of the week each 2 weeks, they will be remaining PoTW for 2 weeks instead of the previous one week.

The officers have voted out of the activity system and came to the conclusion that the following 2 players deserve a reward :

Vesni : Active in the forums, active in game, showing up for raids. A good example of how it should be


Galow : Doing his officer tasks for 105% both behind the scenes and in plain view.

You can both contact me ingame for your reward ( 10 lordcoins )

Ofcourse there are other people that stand out but we are limited to rewarding 2 people as it is.

[FG] Senorita Keep up the good work Glad to have you with us! ...
[FG] Kazeshini a Gratz!!!
[FG] Natarii gratz!!!! ...

The perfect match

[FG] Aksovar a posted Mar 19, 15

As many of you may have noticed we've had a sudden influx of players last night, and as the perceptive people among you might have noticed, these people are our brethren from the Honora guild. I hope they can feel as much as home as they did while inside Honora!

Being a pure french guild, Honora always had issues to find a steady amount of recruits on this server since this is not the main french server in europe.
Also due to some circumstances Luniliel did not have the time and energy anymore to lead a big guild like Honora and also be able to enjoy the game he loves. One should not underestimate the task of a guild leader. Due to the lack of a worthy succesor that could keep the Honora name at least as strong as when he was leading since the launch of the game, he decided that in the best interest of the guild it would be better to disband and take the core of the guild into Forsaken Gamers.

Since Honora nature of being a PvP guild, I can only hope that this brings back the PvP fights we one day used to have on this server, since being in the same guild does make it easier to group & organise PvP events

I wish all the Honora members a very warm welcome and i'm sure I can talk in name of the whole guild when I say :" Welcome Home "

peveay Thank you very much
[FG] Mythcore Welcome mates
[FG] Senorita Welcome my friends ...

Putting the random guild contests aside we also have lord coins to hand out this week and since we had a really hard choice to pick only one person, we are putting two people on a pedestal this week! 
The pedestal is a metophor, please do not worry, no climbing or balancing on a small surface involved

The player of the week earns the right to request a lordcoins costume!

Ailena, her unselfishness makes her stand out above all, she's always there when we need a healer ( and this happens alot! )

Senorita, the way he pushes the newer people in the guild to gear up and bring them up to par with the serpentis groups is remarkable.

Next to being very active, the reward of helping out without gaining any monetary gains ( read : Gear or activity points ) is something we love to reward!

There are other people I would honor with mentioning their names, but i'm sure you know who you are, so keep up the work and maybe next week you'll be featured in this post.

We will be hosting a series of contests either tonight or tomorrownight to make sure everyone has a chance to get some goodies!

[FG] Aksovar a Extending the player of the week for another week since we have 2 players of the week Enjoy! ...
[FG] Lucky Scrubs ...
[FG] iDo Congratulations Ailena and Senorita! Keep up the good work! ...

Bread for the people

[FG] Aksovar a posted Feb 18, 15

Since we as officers know that we require our members to put alot of effort into registering, applying, ... all over again, we figured out that it's time to reward those faitful to the cause of non-slacking!

The contest tonight consisted out of following 2 forumposts :

1/ Post 1

And after you got accepted to the guild

2/ Post 2

Within the timespan of 30 minutes!

Everyone that did their job has been put into a number guessing game and the winner of this game was :

The winner "Madman" won : Corrupt Ally's Wings

Over the following weeks we'll start rewarding people on their attendance with lords coins & similar rewards as above! This will happen once a week ( or more )

New website

[FG] Aksovar a posted Feb 18, 15

Last week Jue decided that he will step down from managing the community since making the different branches of a community come together for events is a near to impossible job with the busy shedules each branch has. Keeping in mind that the WoW guild already was split of under a different name and the GW2 guild heading in a different direction, we decided to continue to echo the Forsaken Gamers name in Archeage since changing name would have been a monumental task and we didn't want to lose the reputation we have currently built up in the game.

The old website costs quite alot to maintain and we decided the best step was to go for a cheaper alternative ( and in some ways a better one due to all the free modules enjin offers ). The old URL will be actived on this website in the near future. We also booked a new teamspeak server under the Enjin host which also implements a very easy link between the website & teamspeak ranks.

We are currently in the work of moving as much content as possible from the old forums ( when they will be back up ) to the new forums. This is currently out of our hands until we have acces again to our old website.

All make sure you set up your character by following the next topic : link

[FG] Aksovar a ok, next step is to go add your character, log in as it, and add the required info
[FG] Aksovar a Go to the public forum and follow the "how to join FG" topic please ...
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