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Whale Hunt event

[FG] Aksovar a posted Jun 23, 15

One of the following days we'll be having a new event hitting the archeage server that has a good chance to get some decent gear if the RNG gods are pleased with you. A new daily quest ( actually twice a day ) will grand a chance to win one of the following items :

- Illustrious - Epherium gear
- Weapon regrade scroll
- Ship component regrade scroll
- Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint
- Superior Fire lunarite
- Superior Wave lunarite

The quest starts from an item received by ingame mail and asks you to do the following steps for completion:

1. Talk to the Elder in Austera, Two Crowns or Diamond Shores at Ezi's Light - Diamond Shores is closest to the next objective

2. Take the portable crossbow you received to the area east of Freedich

3. Shoot the Leviathan with it and receive Leviathan's Spirit

4. Pray to RNGesus

Source: Click

[FG] Yldyss yeah shitty event not fun at all .
[FG] Aara Whole route is like 2h in-game So just stay in the cross path. ...
[FG] Kat Levithians path : ...

Another month, another round of rewards with lordcoins for those faithful; the following people can now request one set of mount armor or a costume ( ask Luniliel or Aksovar ingame or on teamspeak ).

These people were chosen by activity and voted by poll the officer team.

Deadlyshot, Yldyss, Belgiandragon, Hybik, Aara, Davados, Peveay, Aridith, Kazeshini, Ashock, Cakess, Ducokalane, Muraaaaaaat, Darkmaniak, Silverbeard, Ainsebaa, Ikiria, Luniliel

Enjoy your rewards!

[FG] Darkmaniak LOL why i'm even in the list? I didn't play that much, yes i helped a little but really not much as others ...
[FG] peveay thank you very much !

Raiding and beyond!

[FG] Galow a posted May 22, 15

We are in the process of restructuring our raiding ways! so go to the announcent forums and read the post there! Happy gaming all.

...Also the voting for the players who will recive the lord coins this month is coming soon! keep checking the forums for it!....

Beauty Pageant Result

[FG] Aksovar a posted Apr 28, 15

Player of the week(s) has been an officer only vote in the past, which was decided upon the activity during raids, this week we wanted to make sure that the guild could tell who they think deserve the lord coins rewards. Below are the 9 people voted by the guild!

In order of appearance, not in order of votes :

- Pong(u) - Undecided

- Meu - Plate Lord Coins Costume

- Zots - Leather Lord Coins Costume

- Qjack - Cloth Lord Coins Costume

- Ceisrick - Pink Lord Coins Costume

- Vea - Leather Lord Coins Costume

- Knaak - Cloth Lord Coins Costume

- Kazuhl - Leather Lord Coins Costume

- Hikkaryu - Cloth Lord Coins Costume

May you all cause envy to those who do not wear the armor granted upon you by your felow guildmembers!

[FG] Dwoun gratz Guys \o/
[FG] Kat Ceisrick is our hero! Pink color is in big fashion btw! (For men too! It's fairy "normal" costume for spanish ...

Extra changes in 1.7

[FG] Aksovar a posted Apr 1, 15

Some really good news was released last night about the upcoming patch 1.7 which will be live in roughly 4 weeks from now. You can find the added patchnotes below :

- Kraken has now been finetuned for a 20man group and will spawn once a day, this to counter the low population on many servers. April Fools Day

- Castle owners will now be able to use the siege buffs in open world pvp, this to clearly make a difference between a guild that has a castle and one that has not. April Fools Day

- The lord's mount now has been updated to the new model, no pictures have been released, but you imagine the current mount with the kraken glider wings taped to it.
The mount will have the following abilities :

  • Charge : Gives a 100% speed increase for 20 seconds , 30 seconds cooldown
  • Joust : Charges in a straight line in front of you using a jousting lance, every enemy in the line in front of you will be impaled on the lance until the effect is canceled
  • Bow to the almighty lord : Makes everyone around the mount bow to the lord for 2 minutes, also works on the other faction ( downside for this one is that it has a 5 minute cooldown )

April Fools Day

The Ghostship will be obtainable through a questchain that starts in freedich, you'll have to bring 1000 kraken tentacle packs to the enemy faction zones as a starter. It also including the killing of multiple worldbosses.

The following abilities will be available on the ghostship :

  • Superior Radar : Will have 200% detection of the current radar
  • Invisibility : Makes the ship invisible for radars for 5 minutes
  • Dive : the ship will be able to dive for 1 minute, this will allow you to sneak upon enemy armadas

April Fools Day

- New daily quests :

  • Apex Bank : Gives you the ability to exchange an APEX each day for 500 gold, this to avoid pricedrops and keep the market steady
  • RNG Mania : Hand in an RNG box and get a chance to get between 1 and 100 boxes as reward

I for one am looking forward to these changes! Pay2win could not have been more real!

SOURCEArcheage Official Site

[FG] Panter hello all ...
[FG] Vic Got me good. ...
[FG] Aksovar a One does not attack with Fromage, one need to use baguette!
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