Forsaken Gamers would like to welcome our newest addition to the community, The Elder Scrolls Online. The Elder Scrolls Online is our next adventure into the PvP haven of glorious Cyrodiil. Rolling on the Daggerfall Covenant alliance, many sieges and much loot await us. The Guild Wars 2 guild will still be fully supported by the community as a flagship game for Forsaken Gamers. 

With the release of The Elder Scrolls Online, I want to assure everyone that the guild will receive no less support and function as usual. The Elder Scrolls Online is our branch into a different market and target audience. The goal here is to have fully functional, organized and high quality guilds in both games.

Website & Teamspeak 3 Administration 
Please remember that on the 2/4/2014 there will be a permissions wipe for both the TS3 server and the website. There is a grace period of up to the 16/4/2014 for you to contact the correct admins for your game to regain access. After this date all inactive accounts will be permanently deleted from the website. Users who donate for the community will keep their status, this will not be wiped but you will still need to seek permissions to have access to the correct forums! 

Due to the majority of Battlefield players no longer actively playing Battlefield for long periods of time and playing more 'General' games, the admins decided to close recruitment for Battlefield and assign better Teamspeak space for the amount of players. It has been agreed that Battlefield shall have a permanent channel under the 'General Games' section of Teamspeak and the forums to be moved to the Games section. If the game fixes it's issues and there is an active player-base for the game again then we will review rebuilding the Battlefield section.

Ipole is looking into creating a DayZ division of active players to represent, pillage and possible rape the homeless for Forsaken Gamers. Any active players who already participate in playing DayZ are recommended to contact Ipole directly on Teamspeak or over steam: [FG]ipole.

New Site Admin
Please welcome Norab to his new position of site admin. Norab has been with the Forsaken Gamers community for an extremely long time, voicing his concerns and always giving feedback aswell as criticism on community projects and art work. Now Norab joins the master-race of admins. He will be on hand to help with Teamspeak verification, any queries and also basic website administration tasks.

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