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anyone else having trouble with the questline for "dancing goddes hunt"? ive got the journal from the evenbard, crafted the book & got the anya ingots but the quest still doesnt show up
Zots, very nice screenshot you posted, but pictures in the shoutbox gave issues for some ppl, so i had to remove it mate
now i understand more this fast death ^^
WTB 16*16 for the design i can affort the selling cert wisper me ingame please
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Beauty Pageant Result

[FG] Aksovar a posted Apr 28, 15

Player of the week(s) has been an officer only vote in the past, which was decided upon the activity during raids, this week we wanted to make sure that the guild could tell who they think deserve the lord coins rewards. Below are the 9 people voted by the guild!

In order of appearance, not in order of votes :

- Pong(u) - Undecided

- Meu - Plate Lord Coins Costume

- Zots - Leather Lord Coins Costume

- Qjack - Cloth Lord Coins Costume

- Ceisrick - Pink Lord Coins Costume

- Vea - Leather Lord Coins Costume

- Knaak - Cloth Lord Coins Costume

- Kazuhl - Leather Lord Coins Costume

- Hikkaryu - Cloth Lord Coins Costume

May you all cause envy to those who do not wear the armor granted upon you by your felow guildmembers!

[FG] Dwoun gratz Guys \o/
[FG] Kat Ceisrick is our hero! Pink color is in big fashion btw! (For men too! It's fairy "normal" costume for spanish ...
[FG] Natarii gratz to all ...

Extra changes in 1.7

[FG] Aksovar a posted Apr 1, 15

Some really good news was released last night about the upcoming patch 1.7 which will be live in roughly 4 weeks from now. You can find the added patchnotes below :

- Kraken has now been finetuned for a 20man group and will spawn once a day, this to counter the low population on many servers. April Fools Day

- Castle owners will now be able to use the siege buffs in open world pvp, this to clearly make a difference between a guild that has a castle and one that has not. April Fools Day

- The lord's mount now has been updated to the new model, no pictures have been released, but you imagine the current mount with the kraken glider wings taped to it.
The mount will have the following abilities :

  • Charge : Gives a 100% speed increase for 20 seconds , 30 seconds cooldown
  • Joust : Charges in a straight line in front of you using a jousting lance, every enemy in the line in front of you will be impaled on the lance until the effect is canceled
  • Bow to the almighty lord : Makes everyone around the mount bow to the lord for 2 minutes, also works on the other faction ( downside for this one is that it has a 5 minute cooldown )

April Fools Day

The Ghostship will be obtainable through a questchain that starts in freedich, you'll have to bring 1000 kraken tentacle packs to the enemy faction zones as a starter. It also including the killing of multiple worldbosses.

The following abilities will be available on the ghostship :

  • Superior Radar : Will have 200% detection of the current radar
  • Invisibility : Makes the ship invisible for radars for 5 minutes
  • Dive : the ship will be able to dive for 1 minute, this will allow you to sneak upon enemy armadas

April Fools Day

- New daily quests :

  • Apex Bank : Gives you the ability to exchange an APEX each day for 500 gold, this to avoid pricedrops and keep the market steady
  • RNG Mania : Hand in an RNG box and get a chance to get between 1 and 100 boxes as reward

I for one am looking forward to these changes! Pay2win could not have been more real!

SOURCEArcheage Official Site

[FG] Panter hello all ...
[FG] Vic Got me good. ...
[FG] Aksovar a One does not attack with Fromage, one need to use baguette!

As you all know FG has had some rough times in the past (with leadership changes and stuff).

But I'm sure you all realized by now that we found our guildleader.

As a result,

After much consideration we, the officers have decided to force aksovar to take 1 of the kraken glyders. he has put more effort than anyone in this guild, handing prices out of his own pocket, always helping out and spending as much time as rl lets him managing and sorting the guild. I'm sure that you all agree and now all say gz to aksovar for all his hard work!

[FG] Natarii gratz Akso ;D
[FG] Senorita SRY didn't see it earlier. ofc you deserve this!!!
[FG] Dwoun Gratz. You deserved.

We have changed the player of the week system a little bit, but the reward stays the same. We are assigning two players of the week each 2 weeks, they will be remaining PoTW for 2 weeks instead of the previous one week.

The officers have voted out of the activity system and came to the conclusion that the following 2 players deserve a reward :

Vesni : Active in the forums, active in game, showing up for raids. A good example of how it should be


Galow : Doing his officer tasks for 105% both behind the scenes and in plain view.

You can both contact me ingame for your reward ( 10 lordcoins )

Ofcourse there are other people that stand out but we are limited to rewarding 2 people as it is.

[FG] Ailena Gratz ...
[FG] Senorita Keep up the good work Glad to have you with us! ...
[FG] Kazeshini a Gratz!!!

The perfect match

[FG] Aksovar a posted Mar 19, 15

As many of you may have noticed we've had a sudden influx of players last night, and as the perceptive people among you might have noticed, these people are our brethren from the Honora guild. I hope they can feel as much as home as they did while inside Honora!

Being a pure french guild, Honora always had issues to find a steady amount of recruits on this server since this is not the main french server in europe.
Also due to some circumstances Luniliel did not have the time and energy anymore to lead a big guild like Honora and also be able to enjoy the game he loves. One should not underestimate the task of a guild leader. Due to the lack of a worthy succesor that could keep the Honora name at least as strong as when he was leading since the launch of the game, he decided that in the best interest of the guild it would be better to disband and take the core of the guild into Forsaken Gamers.

Since Honora nature of being a PvP guild, I can only hope that this brings back the PvP fights we one day used to have on this server, since being in the same guild does make it easier to group & organise PvP events

I wish all the Honora members a very warm welcome and i'm sure I can talk in name of the whole guild when I say :" Welcome Home "

[FG] peveay Thank you very much
[FG] Mythcore Welcome mates
[FG] Senorita Welcome my friends ...
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