[FG] Returns to GW2

Jue ao posted Aug 16, 14

[FG] Forsaken Gamers returns to Guild Wars 2 on the Piken Square server. The guild has returned to the game with a strong core group of players, both new and old. Our arrival back on the server was greeted by our past members yielding their undying loyalty to return under the [FG] banner once more. 

The following footage below was recording during a first 'warm up' raid, this was our first time back together since our return.

Recruitment to join [FG] GW2 is currently closed and to remain that way for the foreseeable future. If you are a returning [FG] player then please feel free to contact one of the players below:

  • Jue.6493 (Jue - Guild Leader)
  • Stengah.7231 (Stengah - Guild Leaders Cum Bucket) 
  • SolarSpark.6729 (Mangafairy - Officer)
  • Zstefanovic.2475 (Parawolfy - Officer)
  • Solomon.1705 (Solomon - Officer)
  • Swampy.1359 (Keavi - Officer)