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2016 PC Game Release Date List

February 2016

XCOM 2 (Firaxis): 5 February

XCOM 2 gameplay footage emerges

Like XCOM, but with more terrifying snake-creatures. Oh, and the aliens have taken over Earth, so now you play as freedom fighters/terrorists causing as much bother as you can to the occupying force. A new Ranger class of soldier, melee combat, a mobile base and more will be present in this turn-based strategy sequel. It’s a PC exclusive, so expect lovely mod support too.

Read more about XCOM 2

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (CyberConnect2): 4 February

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto has finally reached its conclusion, which means that it’s time for an Ultimate Ninja Storm game that’ll let you complete the saga yourself. Expect traditional one-on-one battles, set-piece events, giant monsters, and all the ninja combat you can hope for. Will it be the last Naruto game? Considering the popularity of the franchise, I really doubt it.

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March 2016

Dark Souls 3 (FromSoftware )

dark souls 3 (6)

A FromSoftware press release confirms that Japan will be getting Dark Souls 3 on 24 March, noting that overseas dates will be clarified at a later juncture. Dark Souls rides again. Miyazaki is back in a co-directing and level design role, which should make a lot of people feel secure about how this will turn out. He’s already said this one will have an interconnected world.

Read more about Dark Souls 3

Hitman (IO Interactive): 11 March

Hitman - 01

If you thought Absolution was a bit nob, don’t worry – IO Interactive are practically falling over themselves to talk about how this Hitman reboot will go back to a save system (no checkpoints,) much larger, sandbox-y levels, and a disguise system that makes a bit more sense. About the only things set to return from the prior game are Contracts mode and pretty graphics.

The Division (Ubisoft): March 2016

The Division

Ubisoft hasn’t had a great track record with big budget titles of late, so we hope they don’t mess this one up. It’s due in March 2016. It also probably won’t look as good as the image above.

Read more about The Division

Street Fighter V (Capcom): March 2016

street fighter 5 (4)

Prepare to start frame-counting (if you’re a pro) or button mashing (if you’re ultra casual) some time in March of 2016. There’ll also be cross-platform play so PS4 and PC people can compete to see who is the ultimate street fightin’ man (or woman.)

The Banner Saga 2 (Stoic): Q1 2016

The Banner Saga 2

Or, The Banner Saga Episode 2, since this is just the second step in a planned trilogy. I’m expecting more turn-based combat and decisions about how to ration out food supplies, plus more of Stoic’s lovely Eyvind Earle-inspired landscapes. It’ll be interesting to see whether the developer switches up any of the mechanics for this second outing.

Read more about The Banner Saga 2

May 2016

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (DICE): 24 May 2016

mirror's edge catalyst

Faith will return in 2016, and won’t be using guns this time. This title exists in a strange twilight realm where it’s not quite a reboot, nor a sequel. It sounds like DICE are just making Mirror’s Edge again, but trying to do it better. Not a bad goal, really.

June 2016

Overwatch (Blizzard)

Overwatch Beta

BlizzCon 2014 saw the unexpected reveal of Overwatch, a shooter/MOBA hybrid with more than a whiff of Team Fortress 2 about it. It promises to be welcoming to beginners, and while that’s perhaps some cause for concern for those fearing an overly simplified game, it’ll doubtless have enough Blizzard polish to make it worth more than a cursory glance.

Read more about Overwatch


Need for Speed (Criterion): Spring

Need for Speed

Another one of those “we have too many numbered and subtitled entries in this series now” reboots that goes back to using the original name. Criterion will be developing, along the five principles of “Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw.” Whatever that means.

Hearts of Iron IV (Paradox): 2016

Hearts of Iron IV

This World War 2 strategy title was originally scheduled for Q2 2015 but has since been delayed. As ever, it’ll aim to keep hardcore strategy fans engrossed with lots of lovely maps. Or at least one map, anyway. Of Europe. During World War II. It’s a Paradox title, so expect the grandest of grand strategy.

Read more about Hearts of Iron IV

Black Desert (Pearl Abyss): Early 2016

Black Desert

One day I might be able to mention more about Black Desert than the impressive-looking character creation tool, but that day is not today. This Korean MMO is heading to the West at some point in 2015, so we’ll learn more when that happens. It’ll probably be a bit grind-y.

Read more about Black Desert

Dying Light: The Following (Techland): 2016

dying light the following

The expansion Dying Light: The Following is set to launch in the first quarter of 2016.  Revealed back in August, it promises to be a massive expansion to Dying Light, adding a vast new area, customisable dirt buggy and new story for the game’s protagonist Kyle Crane to experience.  The price is set at $14.99 but Season Pass holders receive this expansion for free.

Read more about Dying Light: The Following

Hellblade (Ninja Theory): 2015


The 2014 Gamescom reveal of Hellblade always made a PC version seem fairly likely, and that’s now official. Ninja Theory’s latest melee-combat focused title will be on our platform in 2015, with confirmed mod support.

Hellraid (Techland): 2016


Anyone who remembers the classic Hexen games (or maybe Dark Messiah) should feel right at home with Hellraid; a game which is promising co-op hack’n’slash fantasy action. Techland delayed this one in 2014 to rebuild it on their new, in-house engine. The game has since been delayed again as they have gone back to the drawing board in May 2015.

Doom (Bethesda): Spring 2016

Doom - 02

Those poor demons just never catch a break from that shotgun, do they? The latest attempt to squeeze life out of the Doom name arrives in Spring of 2016. Comes with a level editor, multiplayer, all that jazz.

Adr1ft (Three One Zero): Q1 2016


Floaty space-survival in first-person, which looks tailor-made as a Virtual Reality title. It’s also apparently a metaphor for Adam Orth’s experiences on twitter, after he was fired from Microsoft for running his mouth about the proletariat not being able to afford always-online internet connections. Or something like that. Alternatively, you can ignore all of that and pretend it’s just about space.

Read more about Adr1ft

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Popcap): Q1 2016

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 sprouts an E3 trailer

Zombies have finally conquered suburbia, which means it’s the turn of the plants to be on the attack. That corn guy above certainly looks pretty miffed about the whole situation.

Mass Effect: Andromeda (BioWare): Holiday 2016

Mass Effect: Andromeda due ‘Holiday 2016,’ E3 trailer

Far too early to be speculating too much about this one, really, but there’s said to be more exploration, more Mako (yay?) and, one can assume, more romances. It is BioWare, after all. You’re not playing as Shepard this time, and it all takes place far, far away from the events of the first trilogy.

Dishonored 2 (Arkane): 2016

dishonored 2

As Emily (or Corvo,) you’ll be travelling to Serkonos to dispense Outsider-powered justice to various unpleasant, oppressive types. The E3 trailer gave this a bit of a Thief 2: The Metal Age vibe, which is something I desperately want to be true. New powers, new levels, new protagonist option, voiced main characters, and more new bits you’d expect from a sequel.

No Man’s Sky (Hello Games): 2016

no man's sky

As of E3, Hello Games’ massive space exploration sim is officially confirmed to be coming to the PC at the same time as PS4. That release date hasn’t been issued yet, which suggests it may not show up until 2016. We’ll bump it back into 2015 if necessary.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Square) : 23 August

deus ex mankind divided (7)

The classic Deus Ex franchise is back and our old friend Adam Jensen will be returning as the protagonist.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set in 2029, two years after the end of Human Revolution, and things haven’t gone well since then. Mechanically augmented people are feared and loathed outcasts, many of whom are branded as terrorists, and many of whom are forced to live in aug-only ghettos under heavy police surveillance in what Eidos Montreal are calling “a mechanical apartheid”.


Read more about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

For Honor (Ubisoft): 2016

For Honor pits knights vs vikings vs samurai

Ubisoft’s hot hot third-person viking on samurai on knight multiplayer action title doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it seems fairly safe to drop it in the “some time in 2016” area for now. They’ll no doubt be a beta earlier than that.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole (Ubisoft): 2016

South Park: The Fractured but Whole announced by Ubisoft

South Park: The Stick of Truth got stuck in mid-publisher limbo for a while after the THQ bankruptcy and purchase by Ubisoft, but things should go a little smoother forThe Fractured but Whole. Uh, so to speak. Matt and Trey will be heavily involved once again, so the change from Obsidian to an internal Ubisoft development studio shouldn’t have any significant effect on the writing. It won’t be out in 2015, but 2016 is a distinct possibility.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Ubisoft): 2016

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon goes open world in Wildlands, as part of some sort of unholy union between Ubisoft’s tendencies towards open worlds and anything with the name Tom Clancy on it. You’ll apparently be infiltrating and destroying drug cartels, either solo or with some co-op pals.

Day of the tentacle Remastered (Double Fine): 2016

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

The classic adventure gets a makeover more than twenty years after the original was released.

Read more about Day of the Tentacle Remastered


Planet Coaster (Frontier): 2016

Planet Coaster

Elite developers Frontier returns to their other love, rollercoasters, in this title that I know very little about beyond the reveal trailer at E3. It’s due in 2016, and it’s probably going to be a bit Rollercoaster Tycoon-ey.

Killer Instinct (Iron Galaxy): 2016 – Windows 10 exclusive


Getting Killer Instinct on PC is certainly no bad thing, but it’s being developed by Iron Galaxy (most recently responsible for the Batman: Arkham Knight port) and is exclusively on Windows 10. So that dampens the enthusiasm for this 2016 release a little.

Homefront: The Revolution (Deep Silver): 2016


A game which has changed hands at least twice in the last couple of years. It was first a victim of THQ’s bankruptcy, then sold-on from Crytek to Deep Silver (or, rather, Koch Media) when Crytek ran into financial difficulties themselves. It’s still being developed in Nottingham, and it’s still going to be an open world-ish sequel toHomefront. At least, as far as we know. Maybe North Korea will hack Deep Silver and force them to cancel it. Said to be on-course for 2016 at this point.

Dead Island 2 (Formerly Yager, Currently Nobody): 2016

Dead Island 2

After Dead Island: Riptide, you could be forgiven for feeling a little tired of Techland’s series. Even Techland themselves seem to have moved on, and are working on Dying Light instead. Dead Island 2 was originally being developed by Spec Ops: The Linestudio Yager; which could’ve been interesting. However, after being delayed to 2016, Yager were dropped from the project. At the time of writing, Dead Island 2 now has no developer. Might be a while before we see this one, then.

Read more about Dead Island 2

Ship Repair and Maintenance
Learn how Repairs will be integrated into the game


Space is a hostile place and even the most skilled pilots will need to have their craft patched up from time to time. Fortunately, there are a number of options available to Citizens to get themselves back up and running.

Star Citizen’s repair system works in conjunction with the engine’s detailed damage model to create intuitive and engaging gameplay for players wishing to pursue a career in ship repair or for pilots to execute quick field repairs.

The basis for repair technology in Star Citizen are tools equipped with multipurpose lasers that can trim away damaged material or sinter construction material injected onto a component’s frame, rebuilding its structure

Repair Roles

Any ship with repair capabilities has two roles that must be filled to ensure a successful repair job: the Repair Arm Operator and the Repair Task Manager.

The Repair Arm Operator is responsible for the control of the robotic repair arm. Mounted with a multi-purpose laser and material injector system, the repair arm is capable of carrying out all manner of repair tasks. The repair arm is the only player controlled method of fully restoring a ship to 100% health but requires skill, knowledge and coordination with the Repair Task Manager to do so effectively.

The Repair Task Manager relays detailed damage information to the Repair Arm Operator, designates repair tasks to be undertaken and is responsible for the allocation of materials to satisfy part reconstruction requirements.


To initiate workshop repairs, the Repair Task Manager must first use their damage assessment interface to gather damage information and prepare for the repair tasks required.

Damage Assessment

Whilst using their terminal, the Repair Task Manager can access the target ship’s damage diagnostics. This displays the status of ship parts, the hull, systems, weapons and their various connections. The player can toggle and filter between various layers, isolating and displaying their respective elements.

Damage that has been dealt to a ship’s hull is represented on an AR overlay as a heatmap: no damage displays as green, full damage and holes as red, and partial damage on a gradient in-between. The edges of hull breaches are also highlighted for clarity.

Highlighting the various parts will display its current health as well as the materials required to repair it. When ready to start a repair job, the Repair Task Manager selects the desired part, opening the Material Panel.

Material Panel

Repairs taking place in a workshop require the consumption of the raw construction materials gathered through Mining, Scavenging and Trade. The Repair Task Manager can assign different materials according to the repair task at hand via their console’s Material Panel.

Depending on the repair job, certain types and quantities of material are required. When a component is selected, these requirements are displayed in the Repair Compound section of the Material Panel as slots that need to be filled from the repair ship’s Material Stock.

Each material is graded to reflect how effective it is when assigned to a slot and how it will affect the repair procedure (discussed later in the Repair Arm Operator’s section). To get optimum results the Task Manager must balance the Arm Operators requirements, versus the value of the materials used.

Once all materials have been assigned, the Repair Arm Operator can then initiate the reconstruction process.


Damage AR Overlay highlighting debris in need of strippingDamage AR Overlay highlighting debris in need of stripping

In the event that a ship part or component has been entirely detached or destroyed, it must be reconstructed. To do this the Task Manager selects the missing part from their Damage Assessment panel and assigns the materials as normal.

Once the composition is confirmed, the missing part’s frame is automatically constructed by the Repair Arm; the process is entirely automatic, using patterns from the repair terminal’s database for reconstruction. After the framework has been constructed, the player can then use patching to build the surface up as normal.

Before a reconstruction can be started, the attachment point must be cleared of any obstructing debris by the Repair Arm Operator. Whilst an obstruction is present, the part appears as a red hologram on the damage assessment screen with the extraneous material highlighted for removal.


Once the Repair Task Manager has chosen the part and repair material composition, the Repair Arm Operator starts the reconstruction and repair process. By using their terminal, the operator controls the arm’s position and aim remotely via a mounted camera. To avoid overcomplicating controls, the head is translated and aimed directly with an IK solution orientating the rest of the arm to follow.

The Repair Arm’s laser can be switched between two modes to carry out the various necessary repair stages: Stripping and Patching.


Hull stripping is vital for improving the integrity of a ship’s hull that has only sustained light damage, as only missing segments can be patched.

In stripping mode, the repair arm’s high powered laser is used to cleanly remove parts of a component’s surface without causing structural damage to the surrounding area. Stripped surfaces are converted and collected as a percentage of its raw materials.

Stripping is also necessary when a component or part has been completely detached. Full component reconstruction requires a clean attachment point requiring the operator to cut away any debris that compromises the area.


Patching is the act of rebuilding a ship or component’s surface and restoring its integrity. When in patching mode, the Repair Arm’s laser is repurposed to directly ‘print’ material onto a ship or component’s frame. As the Repair Arm is aimed, a wireframe hologram is projected showing the edge of the damaged area that can be printed onto. This grid is a high resolution tractor mesh that matches the undamaged surface, supporting the material printed onto the ship.

The Repair Arm sprays a powdered compound whilst simultaneously firing a laser to heat and bind the compound, creating the new surface. As the repair surface is built up, the mesh gradually contracts to form a new working edge until the area is completely restored.
The strength of the new surface is dependent on the amount of exposure it is subjected to from the laser. As a surface is being built, it gradually increases in strength until it reaches 100%. If the laser remains focused on that area for much longer however, the integrity decreases as the surface overheats. This creates a sweet spot that the operator must reach before moving on to achieve optimum integrity.

The player can choose to toggle the AR damage heatmap overlay on and off whilst patching to receive real time feedback as they approach this threshold: the surface turning green as it nears 100% and transitioning back into the red as the surface is overexposed. If a surface becomes overexposed, the Arm Operator will have to restrip that section of the surface before reattempting to patch it.

The composition of the repair material, as defined by the Repair Task Manager, determines the behaviour of the patch surface as it is being printed: the max integrity level, the size of the peak integrity sweet spot and the rate at which the exposure affects integrity. This presents a player-defined risk-reward loop where the use of cheap materials can achieve the same results as expensive ones, but requires far more skill to accomplish with the crew of the repair ship needing to take their operators abilities into consideration when pricing jobs and assigning materials.

Field Repairs


Personal MultitoolPersonal Multitool

The Multitool is a personal item that is equipped with the capabilities of a small-scale version of a workshop’s Repair Arm. It is capable of stripping and patching, allowing it to achieve a wide variety of ship repairs short of full part reconstruction.

Although the Multitool’s repair abilities are the same as that of the Repair Arm, the size of the laser and low quantity of repair material it can store means that it is only suitable for quick fixes and patch jobs to get a ship back to a proper repair facility.


When your ship takes damage, some of that damage will be transferred from the point of impact on the hull to the nearest system and weapon components. Those components then distribute that damage between itself and whatever Subcomponents are attached inside.
Subcomponents are the various consumables that are used to run or improve a component or system’s behaviour.

In general, component field repairs consist of turning off whichever component is having problems, replacing the broken subcomponents, and turning the component back on. In very large components, like those found on capital ships, there may be multiple actions involved in turning a component on or off, including rerouting power or coolant to other parts of the ship. These actions may also involve the use of on-board ship computers.


Subcomponents provide additional benefits to the component they are attached to, allowing for further customization of a player’s ship. They are divided into three categories, each providing specific areas of improvement.


Module Racks are panels that house the various components used to keep their associative subcomponents running. These can be found on the hull under maintenance hatches in closed-cockpit ships, or internally in the engineering section of larger multi-crew ships.

Depending on the component installed, different types and numbers of subcomponents are required. Each subcomponent is built for quick removal and replacement allowing for field repairs to be carried out as quickly as possible. If a player attempts to remove a subcomponent from a powered component they risk being electrocuted and receiving damage.

Replacing a damaged subcomponent is a simple case of interacting with the item in question. The player will then remove it, freeing up the slot. If the player has a replacement in their possession, they can then interact with the empty slot to place it.

Subcomponent types are universal across ships and components of the same size class, a coolant rod from a Gladius’ laser cannon can replace a Hornet’s coolant rod housed in the shield generator. This provides a great deal of flexibility, allowing players to juggle elements between various systems as needed, as well as opening up opportunities to patch their ship using scavenged parts.

Components on larger ships, such as the Idris or Retaliator can require a large number of subcomponents to function and/or larger sizes of subcomponents. When damaged, these more complicated systems can take significantly longer to diagnose and physically swap out any compromised subcomponents. To maintain full operation, these ships can contain alternative backup systems. In the case of an emergency, engineers can use their ship terminal to redirect power to the backup, allowing for full ship functionality whilst the engineer repairs the primary system. This can also be achieved manually, should an engineering terminal become inoperable, by physically swapping the whole module rack out, placing the backup system in the primary’s slot.

Black Desert Online Preorders Up Now; Classes Detailed

Thanks to WWCF Tech's exclusive interview with Daniel Loehr at Paris Games Week, we were the first to inform you that Black Desert Online preorders were being prepared by Daum Games Europe; we also mentioned the list of six classes available at launch.


Yesterday, the publisher made everything official. The Black Desert Online preorders page is up now, with three different packages to choose from:

Traveler’s Package (USD $29.99 / EUR €29.99): Includes a digital version of Black Desert Online t, a seven-day guest pass, 24 hour early head start, one appearance change coupon, and more.

Explorer’s Package (USD $49.99 / EUR €49.99): Includes a digital version of Black Desert Online, exclusive access to one Beta test, two seven-day guest passes, 48 hour early head start, one appearance change coupon, a tier three horse, one pet of choice, a unique weapon skin, and more.

Conqueror’s Package (USD $99.99 / EUR €99.99): Includes a digital version of Black Desert Online, exclusive access to both Beta tests, three seven-day guest passes, a massive 96 hour head start, one appearance change coupon, a tier five horse, one pet of choice, a unique weapon skin and costume, 2,500 Pearls (worth $25.00 / €25.00), and more.

As for the classes, there’s a short video showcasing each one.

Attack enemies with your sword, utilize your shield to protect yourself and immobilize enemies to finish them off with a deadly blow

A nimble huntress with superior marksmanship. Rangers keep enemies away with barrages of penetrating arrows, neutralizing their foes from afar.

A dexterous master of the black arts. Sorceresses can cast many different dark spells toward enemies to prevail at any range.

A destructive berserker with gigantic dual axes. Berserkers perform ground-shaking smashes, eradicating all surrounding enemies.

Valkyries are blessed with sacred powers. They are adept at using both weapons and magic in combat and can also support allies with buffs and recovery spells.

Burn, freeze and shatter enemies with the power of natural elements and finally checkmate foes.

Black Desert Online will be available in early 2016 on Windows PC, but there will be at least another test event before the end of the year. Are you going to preorder the MMO or not? Let us know below.

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