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Join the FG World Of Warcraft branch today! Be part of a solid raid team, great experiences and competitive RBG matches.
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[FG] is Janudar's premium PvP oriented guild.

With a close knit roster and organized structure, [FG] is the place to be to satisfy your PvP addiction
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Join our TS3 server today!

Forsaken Gamers only uses the best VOIP software for crystal clear and latency free communication.
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Returning To GW2
[FG] will be returning to the Guild Wars 2 scene. After the announcement of the GW2 Expansion: Heart of Thorns containing Guild VS Guild, Guild Halls, New classes and Specializations along with a new WvW Map. There will be more details to follow after further announcements of what the expansion entails.
WoW: Ragnaros - Horde
With the launch of World Of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, FG has decided to set it's roots in the successful expansion. We are currently playing on the Ragnaros server, horde side as we progress through the games new raids. Our aims are to complete and farm both 10 & 20man content aswell as putting together a tight and competent Rated Battlegrounds team for competitive play.

General Games
The general games side of FG is a strong community, that welcomes all FG members, so feel free to join us for any game you wish to play!

FG has a very popular Garry's Mod TTT server, which is often full of players and shenanigans. On top of this we often play games like Worms, Rust, Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, DayZ, Shadow of Mordor, Wasteland and tonnes more! To find out what games FG members are playing, why not join our Steam group!
Archeage, the open-world, sandbox style of MMO has really been a hit for FG! With over 80 active members the guild is quickly gaining traction, and attention of the Janudar server community. By dedication and team work, we have managed to be one of the first guilds to get a galleon, which makes us a strong force on the open seas.

Raiding enemy ships, stealing their trade packs and handing them in for Gilda has proven to be a popular and fun activity for our members. There are many more ships in our fleet to come, so watch out for us. Rule Forsaken, FG rules the waves!