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Guild Wars 2 Application

Email Address:
Application Details
Forsaken Gamers takes membership seriously. Our guild recruitment for all classes is currently open however we will only read and consider exceptional and detailed applications.
What is your In-game account name?
Please include the digits. Example: Jue.1234
What is the name of your main character that you are applying to [FG] with?
What is the class of your main character?
Indicate your date of birth
What Country are you from?
Please link to us your character build using and explain why you are using this build
Visit and paste your quick link above.
How many hours per week are you planning on playing GW2 for?
If there are any raid days/times that you will be unable to attend then please state below.
Current Official Raid Days/Times: Friday/Sunday - 6pm GMT, Tuesday/Wednesday - 7pm GMT
Please upload a screenshot of your current amount of WvW Kills (Realm Avenger)
Do you have a microphone?
Are you currently in another guild? If so, which one
If you were referred to the guild by another player then please state their name
Leave blank if no referral
If there are any other details you wish to add that would aid your application, please put them here.
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